DIY Teen Craft Day

Back when I was in high school,  fancy nails were the trend du jour. Girls would get garish fake ones- always square across the top, preferably with a french manicure. My mom would never condone such a frivolous thing so I learned how to spackle my own. I was pretty damn good at it- I played flute for years so I maintained great dexterity and control of my fingers. My weekends were spent adhering minuscule decals and rhinestones onto my natural nails with toothpicks and tweezers. It was a fun way to express myself, especially since I went to an all girl Catholic school where uniforms hindered personal style. I’m not sure where that level of patience went. These days I’m lucky to find time to paint my paws, and when I do I usually manage to tarnish my handiwork with a smudge here and a chip there.

If you want to start your young artist off right, the Mid-City branch of the New Orleans Public Library is hosting a DIY nail art class for girls ages 11-17. Space is limited, so make sure you call in advance to reserve your spot.
DIY Teen Craft Ages 11-17
New Orleans Public Library
8700 Orleans Ave
Saturday, September 8th 1:00-2:00pm
Call (504)596-2654 for a reservation

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