Everyone needs some vaudeville in their lives

OlgaItaly creates fantastical, glamorous hats and hair accessories in an old fashioned New Orleans frame of mind. Inspired by vintage images Olga uses feathers, flowers, and netting to create a Moulin Rouge charm with her creations.

Your pieces have a real vaudevillian vibe. Where do you draw inspiration from when designing each piece?

I have always loved costumes from the 19th and early 20th century. The Burlesque period is so fascinating to me and really playful and that’s what I try to recreate. I also grew up going to Las Vegas shows and watching the Folies Bergere girls on stage, which also bring that playful burlesque vibe.

White Magnolia Flower Wedding Fascinator hairclip with Gorgeous Burlesque FeathersWhite Magnolia Flower Wedding Fascinator Hairclip

 I love your corsets and find the prices extremely reasonable. Describe how you go about creating them for us. 
I fell in love with the costumes in the Moulin Rouge movie and wanted to make one for myself last year for Halloween, but everything I found online was so expensive so I decided to do research and make one myself. I purchased a couple of corsets in different colors and then I went walking around the French Quarter to see what would inspire me. We luckily live in a city that is perfect for recreating these costumes. I purchased boas and bought hand-beaded fringe and hand-beaded appliques. I usually have an idea of what color I want the costume to be and then take it from there. First I sew on the appliques and then the fringe on the bottom and lastly the feathers (because they make a mess). I really enjoy making the mini top hats, they’re small enough where you can really get creative with the colors and style and materials you choose to use. 

 Do you have a particular customer or a wide range of people interested in your items?

I have had a few people order the mini top hats from me that are going to use them in their weddings. And I was happy to do a few top hats for women that are in Burlesque shows themselves. I’m happy that they’re being used to try and recreate that time period. Regarding the corsets, I think women just want to feel beautiful and sexy and the costumes help them do that.

Burlesque steampunk mini feather top hat - Black w/ veil fascinator
Burlesque steam punk mini feather top hat

With so much competition online how do keep an edge?
I try not to overprice the items. I take into consideration the materials I’ve used and how long each piece took me to make and I price them accordingly. I look at what is being offered out there and then just try to do something a little different. I think that’s the only way to separate yourself from the rest.

 Define southern style.
When I think of Southern style, I envision sassy women who still want to be classy but ooze sex appeal. You don’t need to show your entire body to be sexy 
and sensual. I see a very feminine woman who wants to be wrapped up in luxurious fabrics and wants to feel like a true woman.

Make sure you check out Olga’s Etsy store some glamorous  finishing touches on your Halloween costume.

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