Exclusive Photoshoot: Blue Dream Vintage Part 2

If you didn’t catch the first part of this photo shoot last week you can see it here. 

 Inside of Revival Outpost there’s a store within a store. Blue Dream Vintage complements the rest of the inventory but stands alone thanks to owner Akasha Rabut’s keen eye for mint condition, one of a kind vintage clothing, accessories, and household items. 

“Blue Dream is heavily curated by myself and my boyfriend Sam, who is also my business partner. Sam and I are obsessed with collecting old objects and clothing which is why we opened Blue Dream.  Everything in the shop is personalized and has a story. All of our fixtures are hand made by Sam from old cypress and other trees native to New Orleans, we even hand painted our floors! All of our items are hand picked by the two of us and have been gathered from around the country. We staunchly believe in recycling the old and supporting artisans and independent designers. In addition to vintage clothing and goods we also carry cold press soap, beeswax candles, household items, plants and terrariums.”

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