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I’ve been up in New York for a wedding weekend and am feeling the crunch of deadlines. Working a full time job, freelance writing, and trying to have a life outside of work and “work” can be tough at times. I’m taking a little blog break to ensure my sanity remains in tact. In the meantime here are some good, fashionable reads to get you through your week. Do you know of some blogs worth checking out? Leave it in the comments section and I’ll see y’all in a bit.

Giogo Show- My friend Leslie turned me on to these ladies and I’m 100% smitten.
Mosey!- Street style a la Dallas, Texas.
Zarna’s Runway– Laid back and cool in Tennessee
Back Down South– Classic Southern style.
Ingenue & Camp– Six New Orleans ladies documenting fun and fashion.
Hybrid Headpiece– Fashion blogging from Kuwait.
Beckerman Bite Plate– Sisters with enviable hair.
Girls With Glasses– Two quirky gals and yes they wear glasses.

Onto some random pictures for your amusement.

Lovely hoop & chain earrings c/o Rue Belle.
Be on the lookout for these in an upcoming blog post.
Funny twitter pic that Uptown PR sent me. That’s one way to deal with bad “press”.
An old favorite polka dot chambray shirt with new kelly green jeans
Cat tattoo- read about the inspiration on Uptown Messenger. The second one is coming soon to a thigh near you.

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