Going to the Mardi Gras- Flamingo Style

I teased y’all enough this year with my Mardi Gras Quasi DIY series, where I gave a sneak peek into the raw materials that were transformed into a hot pink, flamingo spectacle.  So without further ado here’s what we wore on Fat Tuesday. There are plenty more pictures on the Slow Southern Style Facebook page, click here to see the entire album! I put a ton of work and a whole lot of love into our costumes, let me know what you think in the comments section.

Don’t become too entranced with my pasty white, flabby abs now.

Detail shot- I’m sure no one noticed my earrings.
Hat- Buffalo Exchange, trim from Jefferson Variety
Earrings- Buffalo Exchange
Bra- mine, all trim from Jefferson Variety except the middle medallion
Skirt- Bloomin’Deals thrift store
Opera length gloves- high school prom leftovers!
Check out those legs
Backpack- one of my essentials from this Uptown Messenger article

Hat- Buffalo Exchange, tiny top hat and bowtie handmade by me

Jacket- Funky Monkey, trim from Jefferson Variety
Wide collared shirt and tie- Buffalo Exchange
Wig- Uptown Costume
Shorts- (hideous women’s pants transformed) Red, White, and Blue
Fuzzy tall slippers- Buffalo Exchange

Detail of shorts and boots

Did you go to Mardi Gras this year? What did your costume look like?

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