Guest Post: Timing is Everything

I’m out at sea this week, so while I’m cruisin’ around Mexico I’ve got several lovely ladies taking the blogging reins for me. Let them know how much you like their posts by leaving words of wisdom in the comments. See y’all when I get back and sadly no, my pasty white self won’t be bringing back a tan.

 Anyone can find out where to shop, but a smart southern fashionista knows that when to shop is just as important as whereto shop.
For decades the Junior League’s Bloomin’DEALS Thrift Shop has been a New Orleans shopping destination for those in search of everything from designer handbags to Halloween costumes.  But you already knew that.
Ann Taylor Tweed Blazer
Gently Used Cole Haan Handbag
 What you might not know is that at the end of every season, Bloomin’DEALS Thrift Shop holds a bag day. Patrons fill a 33 gallon bag with “all you can push, pull, or drag” for only $9!  The next Bag Day is Saturday, March 3rd. The doors open at 10:00 am, but to get first dibs you’ll want to grab a latte and be in line before then!. It’s a perfect time to literally grab those staple clothing items that will fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

Return the week after a bag day, to have the first pick at all of the merchandise for the new season. Speaking of new, Bloomin’DEALS Thrift Shop also has Boutique Days featuring brand new merchandise at significantly reduced prices. 
A true southerner can never have enough of her team colors
4645 Freret St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
Thanks to Junior League of New Orleans Member Veronica Del Bianco for writing this post.

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