Now that I’ve fully recovered from Halloween festivities I can show y’all our costumes. We were Mayan king and queen, inspired by these images I found with a little Googling.
The first picture was the most prominent inspiration in terms of color and style. I put many hours into hand sewing these and was really pleased with the way they turned out. The best part is 80% of the costumes are recycled materials.

His: The leopard print on his outfit was a women’s furry jacket. I lopped off the sleeves and turned them into boot covers and the centerpiece of his skirt/loincloth. The leggings underneath are women’s plus sized lounge pants that I took in so they were fitted. The shirt is an American Apparel nude tank top. I added leopard print patches on the back and red tail feathers, which you can’t see here. The chest piece is a women’s extra small beaded tank top. I hand sewed colorful wooden beads and then made pieces of leaf shaped fabric I found at the thrift store. His armbands are from a women’s leopard print sweater that I lopped off and the blue fringe is actually place mats.

Top of a wicker laundry basket that I made into a shield.

Mine: The skirt is a leopard print pillowcase with blue leggings underneath that I already owned. The skirt has a lot going on. All of the gold sequins was a Banana Republic shrug (trust me it was hideous) that I used for the trim of the skirt and the main front fringe. I also used the same blue placemats for pieces of this. The back (not pictured) also had black feathers on the bum. The top was purchased as is and I didn’t have to do much to it. I added the black feathers to each shoulder, took in the sides and added green fringe to the back. The shoes are old flip flops decorated with green fabric and I took the gold sleeves from the shrug and made foot covers with them.

All clothing items are from Pelican thrift store and Buffalo Exchange. Wigs and eye makeup are from Fifi Mahony’s, eyelashes from Buffalo Exchange and all other makeup from Uptown Costume & Dancewear.

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  1. I’m so glad you posted pics here. It was difficult to get a good enough view of the intricacies of your costumes in the dark gloomy light of the Crystal Rubyfruit Dervish! Amazing detail on these and the make up is great too. It’s obvious a lot of work went into them – grand job there, missy!

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