Haute and Handmade: A Recap

Make no mistake, I’m certainly not a model. I’m about a foot too short, my cheekbones weren’t chiseled by the hands of a Renaissance sculptor and the only way I’d fit into a sample size is if it were socially acceptable to wear a dress around one’s upper thigh.  Aside from my prototype setbacks I was pleased and quite honored to model Alabama Chanin’s intricate designs as part of Haute and Handmade this past Friday. Each of Natalie Chanin’s pieces are hand stitched with nary a sewing machine in sight. You have to really get up close and personal to inspect and appreciate the labor and love that goes into each garment. They are truly a work of art with needle and thread.

 Along with six local designers, Andrea Loest, Grayson Gold (he’s 12 years old!), Lorna Leedy, Kerry Fitts, Amanda Loest, and Rebecca Rebouche the Ogden Museum of Southern Art served as a pantheon of handmade looks, all designed below the Mason-Dixon line. I’m told there were over 400 people in attendance that evening, a great testament of support for southern based fashion. It was interesting to see which the similarities and stark contrasts of each designer but the common theme throughout the evening was a commitment to quality and originality. 

For more photos go to the Slow Southern Style Facebook page and many thanks to Leslie Almeida for taking pictures of the evening while I was backstage being prepped.
My friend Chanel wearing a Bayou Salvage dress

Fancy Ponyland

Fancy Ponyland

Bayou Salvage

Amanda Deleon

Alabama Chanin

some random girl

oh wait that’s me
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