Help Ship Island through Nautica’s Colors of the Coast

Having grown up in the Gulf Coast area and lived here the majority of my life I’ve always enjoyed the beach even though my pasty white skin may say otherwise.

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 One of my favorite spots is Ship Island, just an hour ferry ride off the coast of Gulfport, Mississippi. It is a neat little island and it isn’t uncommon to see dolphins swimming near the pure white sand. Don’t believe me? Check out Mike Kennedy’s cool site NO Adventure and his snorkeling video for evidence.

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Ship Island received heavy damage after Katrina and has been struggling to come back ever since.You can help build up the beach by purchasing one of Nautica’s deck shirts. For every polo they sell Nautica will donate $50 to Oceana to help revitalize the island. The purchasing process is done entirely via their Colors of the Coast Facebook App. Simply click the square that you want to “adopt” then purchase your t-shirt and that’s it! You even get a reusable water bottle, beach towel, and bracelet. I suggest treating yourself to a weekend beach getaway to use your new accessories and enjoy Ship Island after doing your part to help save it.

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