Hurricane Isaac

Nash Roberts- a hurricane legend

We’re hunkering down for Hurricane Isaac at Slow Southern Style headquarters- with extra toilet paper, kitty litter, and enough bottled water to last us for a while.  Pandemonium ensues anytime there’s a storm in the Gulf of Mexico, and this time is no different. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, I’ve learned that the only thing predictable about hurricanes is their unpredictable nature. I’ve rode out some bad storms, and I’ve evacuated for no good reason. You just never know.

As I’m writing this on Monday night, things might change by Tuesday morning. We could get a category 5, or we could get an extra breezy day off work. While everyone is working themselves into a tizzy, I’m reminding myself that my house didn’t flood for Katrina and my grandparents have a generator should I need the luxury of air conditioning. Whatever your decision, stay safe my friends.

{Edited to add: Looks like we are in for a category one. }

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