Jean Challenge- Style These!

I believe in buying good jeans. This means I’m willing to spend a lot for good denim since I wear it so often. I’d rather buy quality and not have to replace my favorite pair after a few months, hell even a year.

  I’ve certainly plopped down the debit card on some wardrobe staples but why shell out big bucks if you can find it cheaper secondhand? My inseam is stupidly short so it is hard for me to justify paying $150-$200 on jeans that aren’t 100% perfect. I’ve never found skinny jeans in petite in New Orleans and even then petite lengths are sometimes still too long.  Besides the obvious perk of saving money when you buy secondhand you don’t have to worry about garments shrinking since they’ve already been washed.

Normally I like to buy jeans that are dark wash, skinny or straight leg with nary an embellishment or logo in site. However variety is good at times and since all of my jeans look the same I decided to mix it up and buy these babies:

These jeans are…let’s call them edgy. Over sized zippers on the front and back pockets, weird panels on the front. I’d usually shy away from this but something was calling my name, probably the fact that these make me almost look like I have hips.
Now the problem is what in the hell do I wear them with? That’s why I’m turning to you, dear readers. I’m seriously at a loss here since these take me so far out of my comfort zone. 
So how would you style ’em? And no burning them isn’t an option as I happen to rather like them.
T-shirt: Jolie & Elizabeth
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity via Buffalo Exchange
Loafers: Ferragamo via Bloomin’deals 
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