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I’m usually down for a good runway show, but the amount of work  that goes into a 15 minute event gets lost in the excitement sometimes. Never satisfied with a perfunctory viewing, I need to handle the goodies to really appreciate the craftsmanship, especially when intricate handiwork is involved. After attending New Orleans’ RAW natural born artists show a few weeks ago at 12 Bar, I got up close and personal with some of the pieces that Kaci Thomassie sent down the catwalk for their inaugural showcase.

Kaci works with new and re-purposed materials, breathing life into vintage fabrics. Silk taffeta ruffles that once adorned a pillow are transformed into a slinky bolero, with the addition of chain necklaces accentuating the back. An old fashioned cameo turns into a clever necklace, juxtaposed with brown suede, crystals, and feathers. Her work maintains a sense of modernity yet retains a nod to the first half of the 20th century. The pieces aren’t necessarily practical, yet they escape being categorized as too precious for everyday wear.  Kaci is all about taking the fanciful and putting a touch of everyday wearability to her work.  After all, it’s New Orleans, and no one will look twice if you take to the streets in a cherry blossom wire headband.

For event photos go to the Slow Southern Style Facebook page but be sure to check out the rest of the collection here. To purchase, visit her Etsy shop.

Twitter: slowsouthstyle Facebook: Slow Southern Style

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