Kickstarter: Lia Molly in New Orleans

I’m a sucker for a good Southern fashion designer. Slow Southern Style favorite Seema Sudan has been featured  here, here, and  here and while her knitwear collection Lia Molly is arguably one of the most successful clothing lines based in New Orleans it is still considered a small scale operation, at least by most factory standards. I’ll let Seema tell y’all the story herself via the video below but she really needs your support to take her productions from overseas to the Big Easy.

Seema really appreciates a good thing when she sees it, that good thing being New Orleans. This town is full of inspiration and it is really neat to see so many fashion designers insisting on living here, not only for inspiration  but to plant firm roots and watch their businesses succeed. Head over to Lia Molly’s Kickstarter page and give this project a little boost. You’ll feel good about not only supporting one of New Orleans’ finest but helping an industry grow.

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