Look Fabulous for Fall: Make-Up Trends for the Season

Guest Blogger: Chriss Knight, NOLA Soci@lite, LLC

Good-bye humidity and frizzy hair…hello fall! It’s my favorite time of year because I love the cooler weather and rich colors that come with the season. I had the honor of rocking the runway as a make-up model for Estee Lauder, one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, at a recent fall trend show at Macy’s. Not only was it an awesome experience to represent such a well-respected cosmetic company, but modeling for the show gave me a chance to learn about top make-up trends for fall from make-up expert, Estee Lauder Business Manager, Kelli Morgan. Of course, I couldn’t keep these great tips all to myself…so I am sharing them with Slow Southern Style, enjoy! 
What look must we rock for fall?
Kelli: Rich bold colors are must haves for fall, including a sultry retro look for eyes in shimmery shades of green, brown & midnight blue. For lips, think Marilyn Monroe: a classic red lip, dark & romantic. Nails are a must have edition with dark rich shades, like Estee Lauder’s purple velvet, blue blood & viper to name a few.

What colors should we add to our make-up pallet?
Kelli: deep purple, dark greens, gold & copper.

How can we transform our look from day to night?
Kelli: Daytime colors like taupe, beige and soft browns can easily be transformed into an evening look by simply adding a corresponding darker shade to the lid or crease, and don’t forget your red lips (“Forbidden Apple”, pictured below)

What is your favorite make-up tip?  
Kelli: Ending your completed look with a hint of shimmer to cheeks, it instantly brightens your look and gives you a healthy glow, day or night.

So when it comes to fall, think rich and sophisticated. Now that you are armed with these great make-up tips, I hope you’re inspired to embrace the change of season with a fresh new look to compliment your fall wardrobe!
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