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I am blessed to be surrounded by creative ladies that inspire and push me to further height,s creatively. They give me confidence to express myself with my personal style.  I would like to begin to share their beauty with you and introduce you to Lafayette’s style more and more over the next few months.Beauty resonates with the individual,  personal truth of each of us. It’s the practice of being ourselves.  I came across a quote many months back that says it quite well I think.

 “I wanted only to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so very difficult?” -Hermann Hesse. 

 While this certainly says a lot for just being alive, I believe it is fitting for fashion and style as well.  Of course some of us may have more trouble with embracing our individuality than others, but the freedom that comes with that, I sincerely hope to understand.

I think the expression of true style shines through your own individuality. It is how you express yourself through color, pattern, texture, accessories, and adornment.  I think we all take  risks just by being  a little bit different.  Decorate yourself with individuality and express who you are, who you want to be- without reservation or fear of judgement.  Are you comfortable? That’s all that matters!  Find your comfort in wearing you.

ROZ is wearing a vintage coat from bayou bohemian over a borrowed dress that fits her nearly full-grown baby belly. With a beautiful necklace of her own making from her Second Line label which consists of broken cymbal pieces incorporated into each eclectic creation. You can find more about Roz and her handmade works at

Lacey is wearing an embroidered peasant top with fuchsia skinny jeans, ankle lace-up boots
and the native patterns infinity scarf handmade by bayou bohemian.  Lacey is no new-bee to Slow Southern Style as she has been featured here before. You can find more on Lacey and her own handcrafted adornments at
You can find us all at our monthly Bayou Bazaar and at  I will tell you all about that project real soon.
See you again soon!
From one southern gal to another,
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