Mannequin Mondays

Yet another obsession of mine that I picked up in Arizona is vintage western wear and cowboy boots are obviously on that list. Even though I don’t wear mine often I still lust over a good pair. I’m also a big nerd and have two books on the subject. (Buying hint: Look for boots with a hand finished sole. You’ll see pegs that lie flush in the arch, a sure sign of a good boot.)

Fortunately for those of us in New Orleans we don’t have to go far to channel our inner pistol packin’ mamma.

If you are in the market for a new pair Feet First  has a great selection of boots and just how I like ’em- fancy schmancy.  

I’m a sucker for a good inlay and these red, black and white beauties are no exception!
This pair from nicole is what I call a “fashion boot” in that an actual boot maker didn’t produce it. However they are equally as fabulous and I love that chain detail.
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  1. i love me a great pair of cowboy boots! if you’re looking for some that are broken in, urban outfitters carries great vintage pairs at pretty reasonable prices. i got a black and white pair of vintage Frye rancher boots there for around $40. not bad!

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