Nifty, thrifty and best of all handmade

Meet Alison and her nifty little vintage and handmade shop. 

How did you get into thrifting?
I’ve always adored old things. I had an “antique box” as a child. But I actually didn’t get into thrifting until the end of high school. 

 What makes an item really stand out to you?
My eye has gotten better. I skim a rack of clothes and what pulls me in is texture. Vintage clothing has a very different texture than most clothing today. Some modern clothes imitates the vintage texture and gets pretty close, though. 

 Vintage 60s/70s Victorian Gothic Cocktail Ring 

Is there a certain style that you are drawn to, or do you try to stock a wide range of things in your shop?

Personally, I love mod style from the 60s. But I also enjoy many styles from 70s & 80s. For myself I am more picky. But for others I can appreciate how others express themselves and will often buy things that I think someone else will love. 

 Ruffle lace bolero jacket

What are your top sellers?
My top sellers are hard to determine because everything I’ve ever had was of a very limited quantity. It can pretty unpredictable on what will sell fast. I think that when my shop has been more stocked with vintage clothing, it helps my handmade items sell better. 

 Vintage bingo card hand bound notepad

Define southern style.

I‘m not really sure how to define Southern style only because It seems like there are people from all over here in the South. But I can say that I think Southern style probably has a warmth and charm that is as sincere and down to earth as Southern hospitality!

 One of a kind brass and copper charm bracelet

You can purchase these items as well as many others via Alison’s Etsy shop.

Twitter: slowsouthstyle Facebook: Slow Southern Style

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