Scary time in the South

Oh yea, it’s costume season. Y’all know my unending love for playing dress up and New Orleans is really just the gateway drug for my habit. There’s always a reason to costume here, no matter if it is Halloween, Mardi Gras, Red Dress Run, the list goes on and on. When Halloween falls on a weekday it means everyone needs multiple costumes for multiple nights. I  like to unveil a new creation every year on Samhain itself which means we’ll dust off old favorites so they can make a reappearance on other nights. This past Saturday we biked downtown, the only place to be unless you’re throwing a house party. Frenchman and Decatur Streets are hands down the best spots in the city to see the most creative costumes. In other words, you have to bring it and I’m not talking about some cheap drug store bagged crap. My husband busted out his warrior costume from two years ago and I was a red headed boa constrictor, something I’ve only worn once to work. Yea, I get to wear costumes at work, pretty awesome right?

 Speaking of work I was interviewed on Crosstown Conversations to talk about Buffalo Exchange and costumes this past Thursday. It was my first time doing radio and of course I had an entire script in my head and completely forgot what to say once we were live on the air. Regardless it went pretty great (either that or my family was lying to me) so take a listen on their website, the costume segment starts around the 40 minute mark. And if you want some visual inspiration check out all of my past costume posts, but please don’t wait until the last minute to get your costume again okay?

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