Secondhand Style

I’m no stranger to second hand stores and I prefer them to shopping at the mall. It sure beats circling for a parking spot, dealing with large crowds, not to mention the prices are much, much cheaper and buying used is easier on the environment.  The trick is to purchase items that don’t scream “thrift store”. Look for pieces that are well made, free of stains, holes, and aren’t overly faded. It’s also good to look for classic pieces or items that aren’t hideously out of style.

 My entire outfit here was purchased second hand minus the shoes.

I decided there’s a reason big hair is so well, big in the south. When the humidity is this high my hair is a frizzy, massive mess. Pardon half my head missing. I was making a ridiculous “hot and bright outside” face. Check out those awesome mosquito bites on my legs while you’re at it. Sexy!

I don’t wear t-shirts that often but this one has some cute details. No idea what the “12” is for but I like it. Oh yea, it could mean 12 more days ’till I bring my adopted bundle of joy home. And by bundle of joy I mean a greyhound named Nadia. Y’all have no idea how excited I am!
I acquired these two onyx and silver rings when I lived in Arizona. The one on the right is a poison ring. I once tried filling it with glitter and it leaked glitter onto everything. 
I decided I needed a little somethin’ somethin’ to tie the gold stitching on the tee and the sparkly gold shoes together. Then I remembered this gold sequin headband I purchased. I think I have a large head because this thing slides off my head, even with the assistance of bobby pins.
All purchased at Buffalo Exchange
T-shirt:  J. Crew
Skirt:  Gap
Shoes:  Melissa Campana via Nordstrom Rack
Rings:  vintage
Headband: new, no brand

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