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Creole Sha is a unique clothing line made here in New Orleans. The pieces look straight out of an old time sepia photograph and have a unique southern vintage flair. Read on to learn more about this designer’s true southern style.

 Creole Sha has a unique aesthetic. How would you describe your line?
Urban Chic with a little southern attitude is what comes to mind when I think of the line as a whole. I fell in love with the city- the food the culture and the arts.

Ruffled Vintage Mini Slip Dress - My Studio Ruffled Vintage Mini Slip Dress

 Your pieces seem straight out of an old sepia photograph. How does the past influence your work?

Funny you should ask! I have always had a love for vintage items from a very young age. Also I think the food from the South has influenced my color palette. I grew up with brown gravy, pralines, creme brulee, bread pudding, and  jambalaya. All of these foods are the same colors that I design with. From time to time I will add a splash of color but I love tone on tone. 

My mom made all of our clothes growing up from a pattern – I hated sewing then because I didn’t have the patience to read them and pin them etc. But I do believe my mothers influence on creating has played a big part in what i do today. No I don’t use patterns – I just cut and sew whatever feels right at the moment. It is such a free type of designing. I’m hooked.

Robins Egg Blue Eco Ruffled Tank / Tunic Robins Egg Blue Eco Ruffle Tank/Tunic

 Many of the items in your shop are labelled “eco”. What steps do you take to ensure your items are environmentally friendly?

Well we all think of “eco” in a different way; for me it is using upcycled items. All of my items are from upcycled or discarded clothing.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Right now I’m working on a Lace Line – a Black Line and a line called Body Candy and of course I will always stay true to my Creme Brulee Line. The Lace Line will consist of really funky skirts. The Black Line will be similar to my Creme Brulee line but just in black and silver. The Body Candy is wearable art to adorn the body.

 Define southern style.
“Southern Style” comfortable – chic – carefree – lace – funky and a bit edgy in our own way.

Eco Funky Artsy Vest Eco Funky Artsy Vest
Funky and Flirty Eco Creme Brulee Halter Funky and Flirty Eco Creme Brulee Halter

Pick up your own Creole creations via Etsy.

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