She who sells jewelry by the sea

Whenever I think of Florida I think about those “shark attack” tees with the manufactured faux blood and slash marks or neon bikinis sold in surf shops. Fortunately there’s more to the Sunshine State than just the tourist trinkets that I remember from my childhood. Michele of Shelley’s South Shore Jewelry creates fun lockets, rings, and more that are reminiscent of Florida without a shark in sight.

Shelley can you tell us a little bit about your shop and how you got started making jewelry?

My shop has an eclectic mix of what I consider beautiful materials. I  got started by attending  local art shows and being  drawn in to the jewelry shops. And what girl isn’t right? No actually I saw the happiness on the customer’s faces as they left with their packages. I had been active in sewing and other arts at an earlier age so I decided to give jewelry a try. The moment I held a bead I was addicted. It is very relaxing.

Sassy Seahorse, Cabochon, Rhinestone Necklace Sassy seahorse rhinestone necklace
A few of your items have a definite ocean feel, such as the seahorses, mermaids, and starfish. How has living in Florida inspired your work?
Florida inspires my designs in many ways such as the colors of the sand, sea and skies. I love working with pearls.My favorite pieces are the whimsical mermaids and my starfish lockets. At times you will actually see a starfish in the sand which I find very relaxing and romantic.

Fabulous Flamingo-Repuposed brooch-Altered Art Necklace Flamingo altered art necklace

What’s your favorite subject matter? Anything you’re interested in focusing on for future collections?
I would like to continue making my vintage jewel earrings and rhinestone brooch lockets. I am hoping to have time to make pearl and jewel necklaces for the winter season.
Dance Of The Starfish In The Deep Blue Sea-Repurposed Vintage Locket-Vintage Earring Necklace Dance of the starfish necklace
When you aren’t designing jewelry what do you do?
When I’m not designing jewelry I am usually playing with one of my grandchildren. I also help my husband with paperwork for his business. I like to get an hour a night to watch TV, usually HGTV. I’m a very simple person.

Wild Flowers, Turquoise Brass Leaf Earrings Turquoise brass leaf earrings

Define southern style.
When I think of the phrase southern style satisfied, relaxed and romance comes to mind.
As far as jewelry design goes bits and pieces of the items that belonged to someone’s grandmother. Comfortable, easy to wear designs that will go well with any occasion define southern design to me.

Peaceful Dove, Big Ring, Adjustable Peaceful dove adjustable ring

Make a splash with your own piece of jewelry from Shelley’s South Shore Jewelry.

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