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I’m not really sure where I picked up my nasty little jewelry habit. Neither my mom or maw maw ever wear jewelry, not even their wedding rings. Somehow I’m making up for both of them because I can’t get enough of it. So when two recently interviewed Etsy artists, Shelley’s South Shore Jewelry and Mavens Jewelry offered to send me an item and a discount, respectively, I happily obliged.

 My criteria for picking which designers to feature here is pretty simple: they have to be located in the south and it has to pique my interest.

I love the ring I purchased from Mavens jewelry. The design is based on the skirt of a flamenco dancer and it is easy to see why.  This piece has great fluidity and I  love the sheen of the black pearls.
Check out that amazing DIY manicure. Just call me Mrs. high maintenance. Didn’t y’all know I’m a retired hand model?

Michele of Shelley’s South Shore Jewelry was kind enough to send me one of her mermaid necklaces. The length of chain is good and how can ya go wrong with mermaids and seahorses?  Oh yea the background? Yup, that’s  next year’s Mardi Gras costume. For my husband. Seriously.

If you have some amazing things in your wardrobe that are well loved or need to see the light of day show them off on Show & Tell Saturday! Just e-mail me at nolagurl{at}gmail{dot}com.
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