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Years ago I was a HUGE thrift store addict. At least once a month I’d comb the racks at several stores looking for name brand or interesting pieces. Nowadays I prefer shopping at secondhand or consignment stores vs. thrift since someone has sorted through the stained, out of fashion pieces for me.

However last Saturday I decided to grab a quick, cheap lunch at Freret Po’boy and donut shop which happens to be next to Bloomin’Deals thrift store. After stuffing myself with fried shrimp and complimentary donuts I decided I was in a good enough mood to dig.

I found this sweet Ann Taylor Loft blouse, brand new with tags for $8. The original price was $39 so this was a great deal.

The jeans I wore it with are Furst Premium I bought at LF several months ago.

I also found a Gorillapod for $8. I’ve been meaning to buy one of these forever and I jumped on it when I saw it. Gotta love getting it w/o shipping.  Hubby got a Gap button down for $4 and I picked up two magazines for $0.50.

It’s true you never know what you’ll find thrifting and usually it’s worth a bit of time to get a great deal! 
P.S. Bloomin’deals is cash or check only and there aren’t any ATM machines nearby, at least to my knowledge.

If you’ve got a fashionable find that you’d love to show off e-mail me at nolagurl{at}gmail{dot}com.

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  1. I feel ya. Sometimes I’m in the mood to take the time to sort through a ton of clothing and to laugh at the insanely tacky things mixed in. Other times I just want to cut to the chase and up my chances of walking out with what I want to wear next. On the former front, there are a lot of bargains to be had out in Jefferson- like Jeff Highway area. On the latter we go for the Magazine st. area second-hand shops. Salvation Army and Red, White and Blue are my two favorite Jefferson area places to hunt.

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