Soap Dude: So fresh and so clean in Baton Rouge

I’m not the type of gal that has a medicine cabinet brimming with beauty potions, age defying serums, and imported oils that guarantees to make my hair as thick and as a horse’s mane or my money back. The fact that I have a Birchbox subscription is deceiving- try as I may to up my beauty regime I always rely to my tried and true products.

 One thing I do indulge in on a daily basis is handmade soap. None of that artificial, chemical smelling stuff or dried out skin for my inner hippie. One of my new favorites is The Soap Dude. Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Jeff Loquist tempted me with two samples of his suds, so how could I say no? Read on to find out how he got started out with soap, and some other random questions I subjected him to. Pick up a bar for yourself here:

Image c/o The Soap Dude

Can you describe the soap making process?

 Ah, the soap making process. I actually use the hot process method to make soap. There isn’t a lot of difference other than I can have the soap ready for use in a few hours rather than weeks and there is a bit more danger to the whole ordeal, which is how I got into soap making in the first place.

Why soap?

My wife, Sara came to me one day and said “let’s make soap”. I was a little apprehensive at first as it seemed like a lot of work, but I figured I would help out anyway. Turns out the use of lye was a little more danger than she was into, but I was hooked from the first batch. I get a kick out of mixing scents and am currently trying to make scents that will mimic things I love, like beer, scotch and cigars 🙂
And now for the hard hitting questions:
Favorite local beer
I’m as big fan of a good ale and Tin Roof’s American Blonde Ale is probably one of my favorites.
Best place to get a bite to eat in Baton Rouge
Man, up until this past weekend I would have sat here for a while thinking about it, but Frankie’s Dawg House is AMAZING. Great specialty dogs. You have to try the…man..I can’t think of the new name, but they used to call it the Chuck Norris. Wrapped in bacon, chili, cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos…so good.
I wouldn’t be caught dead without {fill in the blank}
a notebook and something to write with.
Share a brief funny hurricane evacuation (or staycation) story.
We just recently moved into our new house and one of the things that sealed the deal was all of the great old trees. I was sitting on the couch the day before Isaac hit looking out the window. The trees started swaying, i looked at Sara and said “maybe the trees weren’t such a good idea”. Sure enough, the next day we got a branch through the window before the storm even got started.
Name one reason why you love Louisiana.
Can I wrap up a couple in one? The weather, the culture and being within driving distance to a beach.
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