Southern Decadence

Alabama Chanin is the epitome of southern style. Founded by Natalie “Alabama” Chanin, the creator of Project Alabama.

“Project” had a following several years ago and received mention in fashion magazines such as Vogue. The Alabama Chanin line focuses on handcrafted, artisanal style, employing craftspeople in the community. However this ‘aint your maw maw’s doilies and bonnet clad geese sweaters. These highly skilled craftspeople produce beautifully stitched clothing and accessories.

“We craft limited-edition products for the individual and the home. Our products are made-by-hand using a combination of new, organic and recycled materials. Each piece is constructed with care by talented artisans who live and work in communities in and around Florence, Alabama.”

A fine example of their work are the not so basic fitted t-shirts.

The tees are crafted out of organic cotton and have beautiful appliques that showcase sublime stitching. These pieces of art aren’t cheap; the more basic variety starts at $240 and creeps up to $450 for the more intricate ones. However for those of us who can’t afford to drop so many benjamins on one garment there are options. Alabama Chanin also sells DIY kits to try your hand at recreating their masterpieces. For $45 you can purchase all of the materials to make your own Chanin shirt. There are a myriad of other DIY kits for sale, such as skirts, tea towels, tablecloths, and even journal covers. I urge you to view the rest of the site, including Natalie’s journal. This is southern craftsmanship at its finest; intricate and decadent yet laid back and completely wearable.
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