Southern Fashion Bloggers: Easter Sunday Best

Even though I always start my days off with good intentions I always prove to be a terrible blogger.  For example let’s say I’ve managed to put together a semi-decent outfit with a couple of spare minutes to snap a picture. Suddenly I can’t find my camera or I realize that I look like a bloated, beached whale thanks to a late dinner of cheese fries and ridiculously amazing alligator sausage at Dat Dog from the night before.

 In this case I had a really fun day Easter Sunday and forgot to take pictures before the sun went down. What can I say I was too busy watching my 92 year old great aunt out dance everyone else (yea pretty awesome) and taking advantage of swimming (me not her) to bother with pictures of my outfit. However I did manage to snap these shots in my living room when I got back home. One of these days I’ll learn how to be a real fashion blogger.

My favorite pieces of jewelry are ones with hidden details. Flip this necklace over and the intricate metalwork keeps on going like my own private piece of art.
Tank top: Pins & Needles from Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Love Letter Nation (as seen on Miss Malaprop!) 
Heels: DKNY Collection via Buffalo Exchange
Necklace: Buffalo Exchange
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