Southern Living Heirloom Recipe Cookbook: Shrimp Destin

Whenever I have friends come to visit, I plan their trip around meals. I tend to err on the side of strategic over planning. I’ll pencil in a day of sight seeing, but the main attraction will always be breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So when Southern Living sent over a copy of Southern Living Heirloom Recipe Cookbook, I was eager to thumb through it.

The recipe I tackled was Shrimp Destin, a fairly easy one.  Given my penchant for the tasty crustaceans (I’ve got a shrimp tattoo after all) it was an obvious choice. I’m definitely not a by the book cook- I prefer to improvise if I don’t have all ingredients on hand. For example, Shrimp Destin called for dinner rolls or rice, so I substituted what I had on hand. In this case it was jalapeno bread. I’m sensitive to gluten, but trust me you’ll want something to sop up the aromatic butter with. Aside from the generous helping of carbs, this recipe is one of the lighter ones in the book. Since my husband and I try to eat fairly healthy, we used Earth Balance instead of real butter. The dish turned out great- we both snuck seconds.

Many thanks to Southern Living for the gift! Pick up your own copy on Amazon.
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