Southern Street Style: Freret Street Friday Night Fight

 This week is a different sort of street style, Freret Street style that is. Every month I look forward to Freret Street Gym’s Friday Night Fights. I’d like to admit that while I could probably hold my own in a fight (I once fended off a purse snatcher in the French Quarter) I’ve never been in a fist fight in my life. So while I’m clueless about boxing Friday Night Fights is probably the coolest, weirdest, funnest, and most unique way to spend your weekend. Besides the boxing there are local rappers, drag queen queen performances, dance troupes, and whatever else they figure is entertainment. A couple of the Freret Street restaurants serve up things like burgers, fish tacos, red beans, and of course cold beer.

 The images below were shot by Sabree Hill. Read more about this monthly event on Uptown Messenger and I’ll see y’all at the next one!

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