Tattoo Tuesdays

Tattoos. It seems like you either love ’em or hate ’em but an increasing number of people are getting them and many employers have learned to tolerate them.
A tattoo can represent many things. It can be a beautifully drawn piece or a permanent nightmare from a spur of the moment idea.  For those of us that are fiercely proud to be a part of New Orleans our love of the city often translates into professing our emotions in a permanent medium. Whether you opt to buy a NOLA-centric t-shirt a longer lasting souvenir  the stories are just as interesting as the subject matter itself.

I solicited several people into sharing their artwork and their story and was overwhelmed with the responses I got back. The concept was a one time post but has morphed into a small weekly series. That said I present our first tattoo. I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I did planning it.

Owner: Erin “Jade” Crowley
 Artist: Danny Iannuci.

“Danny and I were members of a now defunct forum community. The forum owners/moderators decided to have a real life meetup here in New Orleans. The weekend Katrina hit. I wound up getting myself, Danny, and another forumite out of the city about 2 hours before the flood waters hit downtown. Needless to say, when you live through a disaster like that with someone, you form a strange, unique, and awesome bond.
He was living in New York at the time, and we joked that the next time we saw each other, he would have to do a Katrina tattoo for me in payment for getting him the hell out of dodge. We tossed around e-mails with different concepts, until I finally sent him a picture of the water meter cover. He moved to San Diego and I wound up flying out there to visit him for his birthday. 2 1/2 years after Katrina, he got to make good on his “repayment” to me, and graced me with the design I now proudly wear. 
Eventually it will be expanded upon to include Chris Rose’s quote, ‘She’s a New Orleans girl, and New Orleans girls don’t live anywhere else. And even if they do, they always come back.’ “

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