Texas designer Sheridan French

If you are into bright colors and tribal prints than you’ll love what Sheridan French has to offer you. I don’t exactly remember when or how I discovered Sheridan’s blog, Southern Eclectic, but I remember anxiously awaiting for her clothing line to come out. Her aesthetic is bright and punchy, with a strong Eastern feel both in cut and the beautiful, saturated hues seem quite Indian to me. 

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First off I love how bright and playful all of the patterns you use are! Everything almost feels like resort wear. Can you tell us a little bit about your line?

I don’t do neutrals well. Ha! Seriously though, I just adore bright colors. They make you FEEL good. Literally! If you are down or not having the best day, throw on a bright pink top or fabulous orange dress and your mood is instantly lifted. It really is amazing, and I love channeling that through clothes. If I can design an article of clothing that will truly make someone uplifted when worn…well, that just might be the best job in the world!
You live in Fort Worth, Texas. How does that city influence your style, if at all?
Fort Worth still has a small-town feel even though it is a large city. Everyone is so laid back, super friendly and the vibe is relaxed all the time. It is definitely a family town, too, so when designing my line I certainly took my lifestyle here into account. I needed to be able to get dressed in the morning and look cute – AND be comfy! – through school drop-off, grocery shopping, throwing the ball for my dogs, lunch with the girls, business meetings, and date nights. A tall order, I know, but I like setting the bar for myself high. I created pieces that met all of these conditions and I am so happy with the result. 

In addition to your clothing designs you also run a blog, Southern Eclectic. How did you go about choosing the name?
You know it just suddenly came to me! I started my blog before I started my clothing line as a creative outlet to get my mind off of diapers and baby bottles. I was trying to think of the perfect name that would encompass me as a person. The Southern Eclectic literally popped into my head and I was like, yes! That is it!! If I could pick one word to describe my style, it would be eclectic, so it was instantly fitting. 
Describe the woman who wears the Sheridan French line.
Well, as I said above, my primary goal was to design colorful pieces that would take women through the craziness of their days and still keep them chic. I also wanted to create pieces that would work for my teenage nieces as well as my mother. That is a big age span – 13 to 75 – but using classic lines solved the problem and now my nieces and mother wear my line beautifully! I am adding in several more styles for 2012 and cannot wait to show everyone…plus bags, baby and home!! Everything was designed for a fabulous life full of color…because there’s nothing better!

The Sheridan French line is available for purchase online or at a handful of retailers across the country.

All pictures courtesy of Sheridan French
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