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     Since this is a southern specific blog I’m required to bring up a ubiquitous look around town, the prepster. Before y’all squeal in horror and erase this blog from memory let me speak my case. I’m here to help!
      Pretty much without fail every weekend the same guys are out at the same bars wearing the same  uniform  they wore last weekend.  When done correctly preppy  can be playful and even chic but most guys take an all too literal approach to their dressing and end up looking like their dads in an oversized polo, khaki pants (or khaki cutoffs!) and boat shoes. 
     I’ve started playing a game at my neighborhood watering hole called “boat shoe count”. Fortunately it isn’t a drinking game, otherwise I would have left the bar in an ambulance the first time I played it.  Guys, y’all need to make an inkling of an effort! I’d be a little embarassed to show up somewhere wearing quite literally the same outfit as six of my friends. My point is that you can opt to wear a very traditional look and stand out in the crowd at the same time.

Let’s play with some pieces, shall we?

Both of these looks are from Obedient Sons, a designer who focuses on prepster style but manages to produce unexpected results. The hooded khaki topper would be easy to wear in real life, coupled with jeans and yes, boat shoes. A substantial watch keeps it from looking too fashiony.

I love the gray pants here. While an all gray ensemble would send most guys running, it is easy to take these pieces and add and subtract what you’d like. Take note that they are pleated and loose fitting in the leg, but they are slightly trimmed through the calf. This would be excellent with a blazer, or a simple t-shirt as portrayed on the runway.

There you have it, two simple, well made pieces that reside in the prepster realm yet are far from ordinary. Don’t say I didn’t try to help.

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