Ugly Xmas Sweater Tees from Skip & Whistle

Once relegated to hipsters or maw maws (that’s grandma, if you didn’t know), tacky Christmas sweater parties are pretty much de rigeur these days. With so many people hitting up thrift stores, eBay, or the back of mom’s closet, the supply doesn’t always meet the demand. It can also be unpredictably hot at this time of year, at least on the Gulf Coast.  No one wants to be stuck in scratchy, acrylic knitwear when even the mistletoe is wilting.
 Local t-shirt shop Skip & Whistle heeded the call and designed a collection of fun, tacky Christmas sweater t-shirts, an excellent alternative that ensures you can be comfortable and not be mistaken for a scrooge. Pick one up now at a special price during’s sale by clicking here. Or, if you’re the type that would rather get a last minute gift (hey, some people work better under pressure) visit their Etsy shop at anytime. 

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