Valentine’s Day Accessories

I’m not a girly girl. Sure I might dress like it at times but I’m really a tom boy at heart, screwing up manicures while rock climbing and procuring scrapes and bruises while doing yard work. I keep myself feeling feminine and balanced by donning dresses and skirts, and wearing jewelry at all times. SinceValentine’s Day is in four days the Southern Fashion Bloggers are celebrating a little early by showing y’all which V- Day themed accessories we’re going to wear to celebrate. Here are my top three, and no I’m not wearing them all together. Come on y’all, I’d like to think I have better taste than that!

A lot of ladies stray from wearing pink because it can either  be obnoxious or sickly sweet but when used wisely it can brighten up a look. I love this necklace and it is a favorite piece in the summer time but I also wear it in the winter with blouses or lower cut tops. I like the mixed metals which means I don’t have to fret about wearing all gold or silver jewelry. This is great for jazzing up a plain scoop neck shirt and looks extra dramatic against an all black outfit.

As a woman with tattooed feet you’d think its weird that I’m obsessed with conservative style shoes. However I like the juxtaposition of preppy style with a helping of ink on the side. These Cole Haan penny loafers perk up my more muted color palettes and the peppy pink keeps the shoes from looking too staid.

Pink overload? Try a more subtle effect, such as this headband with a tiny tuft of blush hued tulle. The little pearls and jewels add a sweet touch and is a great way to dress up a pony tail or a top knot if you want to skip a day or three washing your hair.

The best part of these posts is linking to the lovely ladies that are also participating this go ’round. Go check out each their Valentine’s Day accessories and remember that not everyone will be posting at the exact same time.

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