Welcome to Slow Southern Style

I know what you are thinking. Does the blogosphere need another fashion blog? The internet is infiltrated by fashion insiders and amateurs alike. Now ask your self this- does the blogosphere need a New Orleans fashion blog? The answer is quite simply, yes. While there is much content devoted to what’s hot on the Paris runways and what the SoHo scenesters are donning on the streets, there is a scant trace of southern style available for perusal.

That said I’d like to welcome you to Slow Southern Style. Written from a fashion follower and retail insider this blog serves the purpose of showcasing New Orleans fashion in all formats. Whether it be on a mannequin or on the street you will find it here.

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  1. I feel the same way about Berkeley, CA. I created a blog to show that not everyone in Berkeley is a hippie and that some people do dress well, even if, like you said, they’re not walking down fabulous Parisian streets. I will definitely keep a look out for this blog.

    You can check mine out here: workitberk.blogspot.com

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