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Yesterday I met with my friend and event partner for coffee to go over some details of  I HEART SOUTHERN STYLE. In After cleaning up dog vomit (the glamorous life of a fashion writer) and baby talking Nadia* I managed to throw on a semi presentable outfit to leave the house in. I also went to the Freret St. Friday Night Fight. What a spectacle! 

*Okay full confession: I talk to my animals. A lot. When they start talking back is when I’ll get scared.

My go to look lately has been a tank top and skirt. I love a skirt with pockets. If it has  pockets than it has to be in my wardrobe.
I also love this leather belt with brass hardware. Bonus points that I can wear it higher on my waist or lower on my hips.
One of my vintage Native American pieces. I have so much of this type of jewelry it’s almost become my signature.
Just statin’ the facts. A local designer made this but I purchased it online when I lived in Arizona so I could profess my home state love wherever I went.
Tank top: H&M
Skirt: Gap
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Melissa
Ring: Vintage

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