What I Wore- Citrus in the Summer

During the summer I’m more prone to wearing loose, light clothing to help keep cool, or rather less miserable in this heat and humidity. Saturdays are my only day off with my husband so normally we sleep in and I’ll make coffee and breakfast when we roll out of bed. And when I say we I mean two cats, a dog, and two humans. It’s a mammal party every morning!

This outfit saw me through an early afternoon meeting with Ben of NOLA Bow Ties and a comedy act in the evening. If you like to laugh (and if you don’t well you are probably an awful person) consider helping Hell Yes Fest to get going in New Orleans.

My feet are festive, to say the least. Sometimes people think my tattoos are socks. I’d never wear clashing patterns, unless I can’t avoid it. D’oh!
Emma & Sam tank top via LF sidewalk sale
Everything else via Buffalo Exchange

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