What I Wore: Old Faithfuls and Extra Minutes

I have a confession to make. I didn’t start Slow Southern Style to plaster my mug all over the internet. There are enough lovely gals out there who do a much better job of it than I do. Not to mention there are enough “skinny white girl bloggers” documenting their personal style. Oh wait, I’m not skinny. Anyway, schedules synced up again and I coerced my husband to take some quick pictures before I jetted off to work.

Considering I’m on my feet for 8 hours a day, dressing for comfort is a necessity. While I’d love to wear heels more frequently, it ‘aint happening. When the weather is nice I bike the 2.5 miles to work, so I have to make sure I’m wearing something quasi practical for my commute.

I’ve got my spring uniform down pat. Do you? Several months ago I decided a button down/skirt combo would be my warm weather staples. Now I just need to stock up, since I keep rotating the same old faithfuls every week. This pink skirt has made several appearances on Slow Southern Style, most recently in the French Quarter and at Saks Fifth Avenue. You might call it wardrobe remixing, I call it wearing the hell out of something. One thing I’ve realized is that I always go back to this basic skirt shape. Give me something that sits on the waist, flares out to disguise my lack of assets, and have it stop slightly above or below the knee and I’m sold.
Not gonna lie, I own more Native American jewelry than should be legally allowed. Most of it was procured in Arizona, but I’ve managed to pick some up in Louisiana as well. If you are looking to add to your own collection, I’d suggest checking out Louisiana’s own Choctaw Silverworks.

Polka dot chambray shirt- Lands’ End Canvas

Everything else- Buffalo Exchange, minus one bracelet gift from hubby

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