What I Wore- Southwest Stylings

One of the things I picked up during my time spent in the southwest was a love of Native American jewelry. I’m obsessed to the point that I’ve studied various tribe’s signature styles and can identify a good chunk of stone vs. an inferior one or (worse yet) a plastic piece.

This necklace I happened upon secondhand in New Orleans however it is difficult to find turquoise, at least the good stuff, this side of Texas. It originally hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This ring is my absolute favorite piece in terms of craftsmanship. And let’s face it large rings are just plain fun. My hands look really, really old here. I guess I can kiss those aspirations of becoming a hand model goodbye.

And since I bike to work most days there are a few items that I can’t wear so I wore this out for lunch and coffee with a friend.
 I mean I could wear this biking but I don’t think anyone would appreciate that image. When it cools down a bit I’ll put charcoal grey leggings underneath it but still won’t brave two wheels in it.

  I also have to point out that Rachael of Ordinarily Urbane has the same skirt as I do. 🙂 Check out her excellent blog to see how she styled hers.

Tank: Alternative Apparel
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Antonio Melani via Ebay
Necklace and Ring: Buffalo Exchange in Louisiana and Arizona, respectively
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  1. My dad goes around the country fixing up huntin ranches for a friend of his, and he picked me up some beautiful Native American turqouise jewelry in Utah a month ago. He was told it’s authentic, but we’re still not so sure. Wish you could take a look at it. I have earrings and a necklace, and they’re my fave!!

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