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Sshhh!!! Hear that? The sound of crickets? Yea, I thought so. Sorry ’bout that. I’m sure a few of y’all have noticed that is has been a little quiet here at Slow Southern Style. I’ve been working on some neat projects that have been time consuming yet utterly fun. Excuses, excuses I know but I’m finally pleased to tell y’all what I have been working on.

If you picked up a copy of April’s New Orleans Magazine you may have noticed the three part piece on “Rediscovering the French Quarter”. I was thrilled when Morgan Packard, Managing Editor, asked me to pen a piece on French Quarter shopping for the magazine. If you haven’t had a chance to read it please do!

In addition to my weekly posts for Go NOLA I’ve been proactively picking up freelance writing jobs for local and nonlocal publications both in print and online. Slow Southern Style even got another mention in the Times Picayune and in the Gambit’s Cue! I’ve been doing all of this in addition to my regular full time job which hasn’t left me with much free time. I love writing but everyone needs a break from time to time, no matter how much you like doing something.

Speaking of love (awww) I also have one day off a week with my husband now. We haven’t had a regular day off together in about a year so I’m planning to use this time wisely and take advantage of it. This means we might actually get a chance to paint the living room and plant some flowers in the yard.

But don’t fret! I’ve got some interesting articles lined up here, including interviews and profiles of some great southern fashion designers and new shops that have opened up here in New Orleans. Thanks to everyone for your support thus far and sit tight, there is even more to come!

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