Laura of Xoelle is a Pensacola resident with a love of thrift stores, whipped cream, twilight walks, and traveling. She also happens to make really great bow ties and writing journals out of all reclaimed materials. Learn about how she sources her fabric and what her upcoming projects are.

harlequin freestyle bow tie Harlequin freestyle bow tie

So why bow ties and books?

Both are sentimental and old-fashioned and slightly out-dated.
Everything I make is very sentimental and personal to me.  I am an avid journaler, often filling up a journal in a month or two.  I’m particular about the type of journal that I use- particular enough that I started making them.  I started selling them to pay for the industrial equipment I purchased and haven’t stopped because I really enjoy it.  I make bow ties because my husband is a bow tie wearer.  I had been collecting vintage neckties since high school to gift to my future husband, and then I fell in love with the guy in the bow tie.  I converted the whole collection of neckties to bow ties.

retro lattice freestyle bow tie Retro lattice bow tie

Who is your average customer? Does he live in a particular part of the country?

My average customer is a 25-30 year old man who is anything but average.  He’s witty, intelectual, goofy, geeky, centered, and unconventional.  My own bow-tie-wearing husband quilts, rides a crotch rocket, plays the piano in church every Sunday, and mountain bikes.  I send bow ties all over the world but send the most to New York City, Washington DC, and Toronto, Canada.

Complete Denture Prosthesis recycled book journal Denture Prosthesis recycled journal
How do you select your fabrics? How do your reclaimed materials withstand the tugging and tying from use?

I source my materials from charity thrift stores.  I use mostly neckties, button-down shirts, and ladies skirts.  They are rugged!  Using reclaimed materials actually assures that they’ll be of a better quality than if I was using new materials.  As a small, by hand manufacturer I can use awesome materials that are otheriwse out of my budget, and get them in small quantities.  I only choose materials that can withstand the tying and retying of the bow.

The Literature of the United States recycled book journal 
Literature of the United States recycled journal
Tell us a little about your plans for the future.

There are exciting things coming in the xoelle world.  I’m starting to work on some photo albums on the book side, and more custom options (like embroidery and scrrenprinting) on the bow tie side.  Bow ties have really been making their way back into fashion so I’m sure I’ll be busy for quite some time!

pumpkin pie freestyle bow tie Pumpkin Pie freestyle bow

Define southern style.

Southern style is layed back and comfortable.  It’s all about wide open spaces and back porches and lights strung in a line.  It’s about putting the family and food in the forefront and staying out all night long.  Love it.

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