Year in Review

2009 was a monumental year in terms of growth and change for my husband and I. We moved back to New Orleans, taking up residence in a tiny apartment in the Garden District. He scored an unbelievable career opportunity and I’ve remained with my company for almost 5 years and continue to enjoy what I do. We are currently in the process of buying our 1st home, which ironically is our old house that we lived in before Katrina. We have now celebrated our 1st Mardi Gras and Halloween back in New Orleans since Katrina. These holidays are like our Christmas and Easter and the year basically revolves around them.
I’d like to take a look back at the year in fashion.These aren’t in chronological order but I’ve indicated the month.
What I wore to Sunday brunch in the French Quarter. Yes my arms are freakishly long. In fact my inseam and my arms are the same length. I feel like a monkey. Anyway this dress is black eyelet with white lining. Take note of that fab detail on the hemline. Dress: BCBG Bag: Chloe

 I ended up selling this dress because I thought I looked “thick” in it. I kind of wish I hadn’t but whatever. The brand is Tramp.

Wore this for a day trip to Oak Alley Plantation. I’ve traded in all of my bootcut jeans for skinnies except for this pair. They started off inky dark blue and have faded and worn in to perfection.

shirt: Ralph Lauren jeans: Citizens of Humanity shoes: Vans sunnies: Ralph Lauren

Wore this for my 5th wedding anniversary dinner at Lilette.  Clearly I have an affinity for strapless dresses. Unfortunately you can’t see the great details that well but there is a big zipper across the front that really makes this piece. Dress: Iodice

I also got a fabulous piece of jewelry that night. My husband surprised me with this blue topaz bracelet from Sabai. My engagement and wedding rings are blue topaz and sapphires and diamonds, respectively so he bought it to match my rings. It also helps that anytime we walk past the shop I point out things I like in their window. ;p This picture is really dark but the bracelet is bright silver with bright blue stones.

I remember wearing this in April but I can’t remember where I was going. Yes that is the world’s tiniest kitchen behind me.Dress: Buffalo Exchange, necklace: Betsey Johnson, flower hair clip: Twisted Salon

I rang in 2009 with pink and orange hair. My hair remained this color combo for a year (June ’08-June’09) until I got tired of the upkeep and how dry my hair had become due to bleaching and coloring it. I had gotten the idea from an Elle magazine fashion spread where the model had brown hair with pink and orange streaks. Current color? Brown.
I am excited to see what 2010 will bring. If all goes as planned we will be in our new home by the spring (no way I’m moving around Mardi Gras time!) and celebrating a milestone birthday in February. I’d also like to thank all of my readers and hope you’ve enjoyed keeping up with posts thus far. Whether you are a casual onlooker or a regular keep the comments coming and I am always open to suggestions for new post ideas.

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