Breaking news: I don’t care about fashion blogging anymore

I started Slow Southern Style in 2009 as a fashion blog that promoted southern fashion. Since then, it’s evolved, or maybe devolved, into something more personal. My focus here has shifted,  but I still heart fashion, even if I don’t talk about it on the internet as much as I used to. I also haven’t been buying clothes as much as I did when I worked in retail. What used to be a $200 a month habit, (a paltry amount for some, an exorbitant sum for others) it now takes me months to spend that much on clothes. Truth is, in order to blog about fashion you have to constantly rotate your wardrobe and quite frankly, I just don’t care about the newest, shiniest things. I’ve never been super trendy, but I’ve quit caring about fads even more and I’m okay with that. I feel like I’m dressing like myself, for myself and that makes me content. 

That said, I started a Slow Southern Style Instagram account to get back to my roots a little bit, but this site will remain just whatever the hell I want it to be. Here are a few iPhone photos I took this past summer. If you’re interested in better quality photos, and I know that you are, follow my Tumblr:
Can’t stop won’t stop with the ostentatious snake jewelry.

I don’t always selfie, but when I do, it’s at the Abita Mystery House

Trying to look all lady like and shit.

UAL’s Covington location was practically giving these cuff bracelets away.

My back patio kiddie pool situation. Equal parts white trash and best idea ever…..

…..but we did splurge and go to Blue Bayou this summer. 

Making an attempt to play flute on a regular basis again. 

My backyard. And by backyard I mean overgrown area behind the house. 

I’m borderline too old for a romper with pom pom detailing but I really don’t care. 

My addiction to Everlane is never-ending. Gotta collect them all!

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