What is Catahoula?

Catahoula is a zine published by Slow Southern Style LLC. Think of it as a small literary mag with lots of art. Each issue focuses on a different theme and features eight to 10 writers, artists and photographers. Themes range from feminism to wanderlust and everything in between.

Digital and print copies may be purchased at catahoulazine.com, but I strongly urge you to support our retailers.

Pick up a copy at Non-Society Hands, Rank & File (inside Sisters in Christ Records) and Dirty Coast’s Royal Street location. We’re about to ship off a few copies to Quimby’s NYC too. In 2016 we were vendors at Press Fest (Austin), New Orleans Comic and Zine Fest and the New Orleans Bookfair.

If you’re interested in wholesale issues or just want to say hi, shoot an email to hello@catahoulazine.com.

Catahoula issue four