Frock Friday

A’ight I lied again. This week it’s another top and skirt combo. I’ve actually never thought to wear this baggy tee tucked in with a skirt but I’d like to think it works.

I have to say this is the most hilarious picture of me ever. I look so….virtuous.

Of course we all know the truth….

A serious one for good measure ’cause fashion blogging is soooo serious and important. 
If you look all the way onto the mantle in the bedroom you’ll note the bottle of pet enzyme spray and the puppy pad on the floor. My morning regime is less fashion filled, more plastic bags of doggie poop. Anyone wanna share the secrets of house training? 
Also my legs look massive again from bike riding and the gym’s elliptical machine. My goal is to crush a watermelon between my thighs.
Detail of the shoes. Since I’m on my feet all day my heels rarely get any love. I actually sometimes wear ’em when running errands since I know I won’t be on my feet very long.

Outfit details:
Burnout tee: Forever 21
Black skirt w/ bow back: Kenzie
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