Lazy Days of Summer

monogram necklace from Abeille NOLA p.s. Xty- short for Christy since my initials CLL are redundant

This it it y’all. September is nearly upon us and the lazy days of summer have been hitting me hard. Maybe it’s the biblical amount of rain we’ve had, coupled with intense heat and humidity but I’ve been savoring my downtime. Weekends have been spent watching documentaries, hanging out with friends, and catching up on forgotten issues of National Geographic. September brings a road trip, a wedding, and preliminary plans for Halloween costumes. Yea, that’ll be here before you know it.

riding the midi skirt trend from last year
my retired athlete- here’s an article i wrote about retired greyhounds on Uptown Messenger
last days of summer- chambray and silk
Winged rabbit cutouts from the Frenchman Art Market

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