LBD styled by the Southern Fashion Bloggers

A few months ago I decided to start a little group for other ladies who happen to write about fashion and reside in the South. I was really struggling to connect with other like minded individuals so I figured I’d start my own meeting ground. While I haven’t done a whole lot with it yet the Southern Fashion Bloggers have grown from zero to nearly 70 in just a few short months.

One of our first activities is playing host to a blog event centered around a holiday favorite, the little black dress. Myself and three other New Orleans ladies are cross posting our blogs today to show you how we style ’em here in southern Louisiana. And if you are missing Mannequin Monday  no worries, it will be back to your regularly scheduled programming next week.

An LBD is like a blank canvas just waiting for you to put the finishing touches on it. I found this one a few years ago via a secondhand store. This strapless J. Crew dress satisfies all of my requirements for classic cocktail attire. It’s a simple silhouette in black velvet with a black grosgrain ribbon just under the bust line. What really won me over is that it is petite sizing which means I just zipped it up and that was it. No hemming, no fussing, just a perfect, reliable wardrobe staple.
I like to be fashionably honest, meaning if I don’t actually wear it then I don’t post it. That said I had every intention of getting dressed up and going to a nice craft cocktail bar in my neighborhood this past Saturday night. Instead I stayed at home and watched the original Black Christmas and threw on the dress Sunday night just for pictures. How’s that for a rousing weekend?
So let’s pretend I did wear it out and had a great time. One of my obsessions is collecting reptile paraphernalia and this includes jewelry. This rhinestone studded snake bracelet is just enough sparkle without being ostentatious. 
I also fake wore it with another trusty favorite, my Cole Haan black patent leather heels. 
Well hopefully the other ladies had a more adventurous weekend than I did. Check out their blogs and feel free to comment on each one!
Mallory for Trashy Diva-
p.s. Due to everyone’s different schedules not everyone may post at the same exact time. Just check back later in the day if you don’t see an LBD post yet.
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