Let the uniforms match the food

Domencia, John Besh’s latest high end eatery, is featuring waiters sporting paisley shirts with contrasting cuffs. This is sort of revolutionary in a town where most servers’ uniforms are indistinguishable from the next.
Read the Times Picayune article for more details, including the restaurant itself.

I slung hash for a number of years, getting sucked in by the good money and good hours while I was in college. During that period I had the displeasure of wearing ill fitting men’s button downs at every restaurant I worked at. I never understood how a restaurant could be so particular about the food, wine, glassware, and silverware yet be so passive about what the waiters are wearing. If you are dining at an elegant restaurant, dressed to the nines wouldn’t you prefer your server in something that at least fits, and is elegant or perhaps fun? Kudos to Domencia for injecting a little style into their uniforms.

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