Mardi Gras

I present to y’all Mardi Gras 2010! With all of our free time getting sucked into house buying and moving I was afraid that we wouldn’t really get a chance to pull our Mardi Gras costumes together. Due to time constraints and the  effort that went into our Halloween getups I needed to keep the sewing to a minimum. Fortunately we were able to pull together some pretty great looks.
In the courtyard at Pravda

Our front yard, hoping that banana plant comes back.

At Cafe Envie

His costume: Top hat and pants from Miss Claudia’s. Wig from Uptown Costume. Socks from American Apparel. Shirt and cummerbund from Funky Monkey. Tailcoat and scarf from Buffalo Exchange . 
My costume: Hat, gloves and necklace from Buffalo Exchange. Corset is custom made. Skirt handmade by me. Wig from Uptown Costume. Paillette sequin shorts from Miss Claudia’s. gold shimmer tights from Reservoir. Melissa + Campana Shoes from Nordstrom Rack.
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2 Replies to “Mardi Gras”

  1. Love the costumes…
    And I’m afraid that banana tree will have to be cut down to the stump then it will come back. If you leave the frozen bits, it rots when it gets warm and is SUPER stinky.

  2. The tree was actually there when we first lived in the house so it has definitely had a long life! Unfortunately I also have two beautiful hibiscus bushes that are dead. Any chances of saving those?

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