NOLA Fashion Week Recap

Much thanks to Meghan for covering most of fashion week while I was out of town. She took a ton of photos, check them out on the Slow Southern Style Facebook page.

Let me just start by saying, as a first time NOLA Fashion Week-er, that it was fantastic. It’s great to see so much local talent, and witness the best of New Orleans’ fashion scene. I was able to attend 7 of the presentations, and have a little recap of each.

Libellule – Libellule was short, sweet, and very chic. There were lovely gold, champagne and pewter shades throughout with details like sequins and leaf appliques that gave it all extra polish. The whole feel to me was “modern goddess.”

bySmith – Vibrant, shiny color was prominent at bySmith. Jewel tones and fantastic patterns helped bring out a psychadelic 70’s feel. The tailoring and style of the garments were very young and up-to-date. I’m a huge fan of an old meets new kind of style. 

Loretta Jane – Loretta Jane was sweet and pretty, easy to wear, and another throwback to a more retro style. New Orleans loves its 50’s Pinup fashion; the high-waisted crop pants, telephone prints, and button-front dresses did not disappoint. 


Andrea Loest – Andrea Loest definitely let her creative side take over with her newest collection. The colors were classic pinks, black, and nudes. The construction was the main feature with allover stitching and patchwork fabrics. 

Amanda deLeon – Amanda deLeon drew inspiration from the darker side of New Orleans culture. Blood red leather and studs, giant mausoleum prints, and plenty of crosses made up the gorgeously dark collection.

Matthew Arthur – Matthew Arthur’s collection was all about modern simplicity and texture. There were muted shades of black, grey and white. All of the pieces were classic pieces, somewhat re-imagined.

Cavortress – We can’t forget about swimwear and Julie Wheat certainly has not. The entire collection was fun, as swimwear should be. The colors were bright and the prints were perfect. There were also some pleated cover-ups reminiscent of those popular in the ’70s.

All photos and text by Meghan Wright


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