On the edge at Fringe Fest

How many festivals are there in Louisiana? We’ve got a festival for just about everything because well, we love to have a good time, simple as that. Besides the big ones like Jazz Fest and French Quarter Fest we also have Mirliton Fest, Satchmo Fest, Hell Yes Fest, and the list goes on.  In New Orleans alone I think the exact number of fests is 2,546,767.

This past weekend we not only had Po-Boy Festival on Oak Street but Fringe Fest as well in the Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods. While I love nothing more than stuffing my face full of fried shrimp I couldn’t make it down to Oak Street on Sunday due to work so I opted to head downtown to catch a few theatrical performances instead. All of the fun, none of the calories. Despite being it’s fourth year running this was my first time at Fringe Fest and honestly I’m not sure what took me so long to catch on. Fringe Fest is all about bringing out the most fearless, thought provoking, and sometimes downright weird performances to the Crescent City within a five day span via multiple venues. We have so many talented creative types in our city and I love seeing people coming out to celebrate the arts, the more underground the better.
marigny opera house
weather worn old church, now a performance space
incredible space, the altar area is now a stage
quirky take on tennessee william’s original play
inside the allways lounge

I wish I could have captured some images from the actual performances I attended but taking pictures during a show is generally frowned upon. Did you get a chance to catch Fringe Fest this year? What did you think about it?

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